Lincoln County Rifle Club                          Safety, Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Respect 


Board of Directors

Orland Bunker

William Moclair

Thomas Keller

Lynn J. Madison

Angela Edmondson

Executive Committee

Lynn J. Madison, President

Orland Bunker, Vice President

Thomas Keller, Treasurer

Angela Edmondson, Secretary

Orland Bunker, Executive Officer

Activities Directors

NMLRA Matches

Dave DeLong

22 Prone Matches

Hylie A. West

Single Shot Match

Ron Vaillancourt

Lloyd Richards

Ray Kimball

Buffalo Gong Matches

David Hanson

Trap Directors

David Hanson

Frank Mancuso

Marty Grassie

Fun Shoots

Orland Bunker

Smallbore League

Dennis Paine

IBS Matches

Orland Bunker

Lincoln County Rifle Club | Safety, Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Respect | Since 1933

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